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I write about fun things to do in Fort Worth.  I also share recipes and links to great recipes.  I like Texas music.  Sometimes, I'll share tips on parenting - Lord knows I'm not an expert on parenting or anything.  I'm just a mama in Fort Worth.  

My name is Shelley.  I'm a court reporter / mama of two girls - a 9-year-old and a 5-year-old who are both ornerier than all get-out.

I am the giver of too much information.  I am proficient in the art of brown-nosing.  I'm a yeller - just ask my patient and understanding husband.  And I sometimes go six months to a year without getting my hair done or pedicures.

We have a calico cat named Sam who is scared to death of our dog Rita, The Big Red Goofball, we adopted from the North Texas Humane Society.  We also adopted a cat, Gunsmoke, from Fort Worth Animal Control.  We have about three or four or five or six feral cats we feed too.  Welcome to my world.  Grab a large glass of wine or a frosty cold one and sit down and enjoy some down time.

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  3. I love the blog. I am a dad and a local musician. I love playing family friendly gigs, like our Friday on the Green, Brewery tours, Central Market, etc. I always feel like once you get to be a parent you dont have time to keep up with what is going on in the scene and you don't know whats worth going to see, and more importantly what is safe for your family, so my friends end up at McDonalds or watching Barney videos with their kids on weekends when there is great culture to see and experience. Keep it up. Just posted on my Facebook page.


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