Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Texas Music Around Fort Worth Weekend of August 1, 2014


Friday, August 1, 2014 

Pure Prairie League w/ Branded and Jon Christopher Davis @ Love and War in Texas in Grapevine - 9:00 - $20

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Walmart's Savings Catcher

Have y'all heard of this new service Walmart is offering?  I learned about if from a friend on Facebook.  It's really a cool deal.  It's kind of like price-matching but Walmart does all the work for you.  It's called Savings Catcher.

Go shop at Walmart.  Then when you get home, go to Savings Catcher, enter your sign-on information (which is the same as your sign-on info) or create a new account.  Then you enter that long number that's at the bottom of your Walmart receipt - the TC #.  It's right underneath the # Items Sold.  You put that number in and put the date that you made the purchase.  

You'll get an email from them saying:  "Success!  We have received and are processing your Walmart receipt."

Then in a couple of days, you'll get another email saying whether they found a lower price or not.  If they did, then the email will look similar to this:

"Savings Catcher checked advertised deals from top competitors in your area and found one or more lower prices. That means you get back $*.**!

You can accumulate your Reward Dollars or transfer the amount to your Walmart eGift Card at any time."

Then go back to Click Transfer to eGift Card.  Then your funds will be transferred to a Walmart eGift card.  You'll get another email saying your Walmart Rewards eGift card has arrived.  And it says this:

Your Savings Catcher credit of $*.** has been loaded to your Walmart Rewards eGift card. You can redeem your Rewards eGift card on or print for use at any Walmart store.
Save it now and use later:
Save your Rewards eGift card to your account and use it when you are ready to shop.
  1. Store this card and PIN in my account.
  2. If you've lost this email, print the card from My Account to redeem in a store.
  3. Or Select "Use a Walmart Gift Card" during online checkout to use on a purchase.
Remember that your Savings Catcher Credit is always loaded to the same Rewards eGift card.
To review your full Rewards eGift Card balance go to

Print out the email they send you with the bar code on it, take it with you on your next shopping trip to Walmart, and hand it to the cashier and you'll save the amount on your eGift card, or you can use it on
Here's an example.  I have $9.32 in reward dollars.  That's just from six shopping trips!  So next time I go to Walmart, I take my email I get with the bar code on it, hand it to the cashier, and I'll save $9.32

Here's the results of my last six receipts.  I remember not too long ago I was able to buy groceries for our family of 4 for $100 a week - not the case now.  Groceries have gone way up, and Savings Catcher is one way to help you save a little money. 


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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Texas Music Around Fort Worth Weekend of July 11, 2014


Friday, July 11, 2014 

Big Joe Walker w/ Shaun Outen @ Love and War in Texas in Grapevine - $10 - 9:00
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