Friday, June 20, 2014

Texas Music Around Fort Worth Weekend of June 20, 2014


Friday, June 20, 2014 

Highway 80 West @ Woody Creek BBQ @ 6:00

Highway 80 West @ Chubby's - around 8:00

Playing For Change (World Music) @ Levitt Pavilion in Arlington - 8:00

Charla Corn (AWW Shucks Craft Show & Concert) @ Red's Roadhouse - 9:00

Max Stalling @ Whiskey Girl Saloon - 7:00

Burton Tyler @ 2:00 (No Cover) & Stephen Pointer @ 9:00 - $6 @ White Elephant Saloon

Rance Norton @ Longhorn Saloon - 9:00 - $5

Zach Seth Band @ Railhead in Willow Park - 7:30 

Tommy Alverson @ Stagecoach Ballroom - $12.50

Stoney LaRue - Holy Moly - Whiskey Folk @ Billy Bob's Texas - Start at $15 - Doors open @ 6:00 - Music starts @ 8:00 

Monte GoodPearl's Dancehall & Saloon - $10

Jody Jones @ 12:00 - Jacob Furr @ 3:00 - Brent Best @ 8:00 - The Hard Pans @ 9:00 @ Fred's Texas Cafe

Sam Anderson & the Higher Dudes  @ Fred's TCU - 9:00

Rodney Pyeatt @ Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ - 7:00

Kyle Redd @ Grease Monkey in Arlington
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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Recipe To Try - Homemade Refrigerator Pickles

Have y'all seen my garden?  I'm pretty proud of it.

My 8-year-old is hiding back there
Our garden just took off this year.  The cucumbers and tomatoes have just taken over everything.  It took a long time before we got veggies, but they're coming in slowly but surely.

I swear I feel like Indiana Jone scouting out pathways to grab the veggies.  I feel like I need a machete or something - but if I used a machete, I'd cut down all the beautiful young baby veggies that aren't ripe yet.

Since I wasn't a schooled gardener, I thought that I'd be able to actually pickle and can tons and tons of cucumbers all at once, and I'd have jar after jar after jar of delicious pickles that would last us all year - I thought the same thing with the tomatoes.  That just isn't the case with this small of a garden - at least it's not happening that way for me. 

But I digress...since we're only getting a couple of cukes at a time, we came up with this yummy recipe for refrigerator pickles.  It really is delicious and it's super easy.  My girls could eat a whole jar of these in one sitting.

You can even have your little ones help you load the jars up.  What a great learning and fulfilling experience it is to have your kids help you in the kitchen.  You could feel like Mama Of The Year letting them help you.  It's so awesome having your kids help you...until they start fighting about who gets to put what in the jar.  No, it's my turn to put them in the jar.  No, it's my turn.  That's MY pickle.  That pickle is ME.  I GET TO PUT IT IN THE JAR!  IT'S MY TURNNNNNNNNN! 

That's when you scream at the top of your lungs THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A HAPPY LEARNING, BONDING EXPERIENCE FOR ALL OF US!!  LOVE AND PEACE AND ALL THAT CRAP!  NOW IT'S COMPLETELY RUINED BY Y'ALL FIGHTING.  And then you just quit for a few minutes and grab you a big ol' glass of Moscato and then all is right with the world.  


You know that happens in your kitchen too, right?

I'm not, like, a lone wolf in this situation, right?  Right?  I'm right, right?  Please tell me I'm right!!

But I digress's the fabulous pickle recipe. The pickles really are awesome, no matter how much drama you have to put up with while making them!

Homemade Refrigerator Pickles

2 cucumbers - sliced
2 garlic cloves - sliced
1 very, very, very small onion - sliced (I use ones picked from my garden which are about the size of a big gumball)
1 tablespoon of kosher salt - plus a little more
ground pepper - however many shakes you want
fresh dill
quart mason jar

Slice everything up.  Put a sprig or two of dill in the bottom of jar.  Then add couple of slices of onion and couple of slices of garlic.  Add a couple handfuls of cucumbers.  Keep going like that until the jar is full - dill, onion, garlic, cukes until you use everything up.  

Next fill the jar about 1/4 to 1/3 full of vinegar.  I put the salt in next and the pepper.  I use about a tablespoon of salt plus a few more shakes.  I also put quite a bit of ground pepper in.  Then fill the jar the rest of the way up with water.  

Put lid on.  Give it a good shake, shake, shake - let your kids shake, shake, shake the jar - then put the jar in the refrigerator.  

24 hours later, you'll have delicious pickles and your kids will be fighting over who gets the last dang pickle. And you'll be saying to yourself, Summer, I love you, but I'm kind of over you right now!

What?  I know they're cute!  They're also a tad ornery.  And they could quite possibly be one of the reasons why mama drinks a little...okay a lot a little... or a little a lot - either way works.
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Texas Music Around Fort Worth Weekend of June 13, 2014


Friday, June 13, 2014 

The Dunwells (Folk/Rock) @ Levitt Pavilion in Arlington - 8:00

Matt Kimbrow  w/ Chase Sanford Band @ Whiskey Girl Saloon - 8:00

Morris McCann @ White Elephant Saloon - 9:00 - $5

Jimmy Fincher and The Perrin Playboys @ Longhorn Saloon - 9:00 - $5

3 Fools on 3 Stools @ Railhead in Willow Park - 7:30

Mark Fields Band@ Stagecoach Ballroom - $7

Granger Smith @ Billy Bob's Texas - Start @ $10 - 10:30

Tommy AlversonPearl's Dancehall & Saloon - $10

Honky w/ Homer Henderson opening @ Fred's Texas Cafe - 8:00

Mike Stinson Band w/ Carey Wolf opening @ Fred's TCU - 10:00

Green Light Pistols (Alternative) @ Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ - 7:00 

Legacy 4 (Motown) @ Grease Monkey in Arlington

Saturday, June 14, 2014 

Somebody’s Darling @ Levitt Pavilion in Arlington - 8:00

Joey Green Band @ Red's Roadhouse - 9:00

Cameran Nelson @ Whiskey Girl Saloon - 9:00

Bodie Powell @ 2:00 (No Cover) & Terry Rasor @ 9:00 - $5 @ White Elephant Saloon

Steve Stewart Band @ Longhorn Saloon - 9:00 - $5

Amos Moses Band @ Railhead in Willow Park - 7:30 

Cody Robbins Band @ Stagecoach Ballroom - $8

Aaron Lewis @ Billy Bob's Texas - Start at $16 - 10:30 

Hill City BandPearl's Dancehall & Saloon - $10

Wayne Floyd @ 12:00 - Marty Christian  & Darrin Kobetich & James Hinkle @ 3:00 - Kirkland James @ 8:00 - HELL Texas @ 9:00 @ Fred's Texas Cafe

Johnny Mack & the New Bon Ton Playboys w/ James Hinkle  @ Fred's TCU - 10:00

The Geezers aka Tommy Alverson, Amos Staggs, Terry Rasor @ Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ - 6:00

Brad Thompson Band @ Grease Monkey in Arlington

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Good Local Deals on Groupon

Lots of great local deals on Groupon.  Here's just a few:

How about $7 for a Fort Worth Cats game?  Can't beat it.

$20 for $40 worth of arcade games or batting cages @ Putt-Putt Fun Center or Alley Cats Entertainment Center

Up to 60% off Cowtown Bowling Palace

40% off admission, meal & parking pass @ Six Flags Over Texas 

50% off Mini Golf & Go Karting @ Mountasia Family Fun Park

Up to 57% off Paintball @ Fun on the Run Paintball Park

Up to 50% off Ol' South Pancake House 

Up to 50% off lunch or dinner @ Buffalo West 

$12 for $20 worth of food @ Spaghetti Warehouse  (I miss SW in the stockyards)

Up to 53% off baked goods @ Ginger Brown's

I'm sure kids can probably join in on some of these, but don't you need some mama/dada time?
Up to 50% off Shooting Range Package @ Elk Castle Shooting Sports

Up to 89% off Archery Outing @ Cinnamon Creek Ranch in Roanoke

Up to 57% off Stockyards Ghost Tour @ Cowtown Winery 

51% off BYOB Painting Class @ Art in the Vine in Grapevine

73% off Fort Worth Star Telegram

Please read all the fine print on these deals - check for specific locations, dates or times and expiration dates.    

**This post includes affiliate links
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I Want - Sea-Saw Rocker Float & Arcade Shooter

Look at this!  Can you imagine how much fun this would be?  $43.99 @ zulily.

Sea-Saw Rocker Float via zulily

This is pretty awesome too:

Arcade Shooter  - $26.99

**This post contains affiliate links
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Friday, June 6, 2014

NRH20 Happenings

Have y'all made it out to NRH20 yet?  If you haven't, you're missing out.  They've got lots of fun things to do and quite a few special events planned this summer.

(Want to buy tickets?  Click on that link over there to the right with that adorable little boy in his shark towel and buy you some!)

Check out my post I wrote a while back for tips on taking a trip to NRH20.  That post is full of all sorts of information that is still applicable today.

Here's some of the special events NRH20 has planned this summer:

Superhero Day - June 10 - Celebrate Superhero Day here at NRH2O.  Wear your superhero swimwear or your favorite superhero t-shirts.  NRH2O team members will be handing out superhero stickers so make sure to pick one out (limited quantity)!  Be sure to smile big and look for your photos on Instagram and Twitter using the #nrh2oSuperhero.

Father's Day - June 15 - Celebrate Father's Day at NRH2O!  All dads get in free on Father's Day when accompanied by a child.  Stop by the Ticket Booth to pick up your ticket on June 15th.

Texas Rangers Day - June 26 - Visit NRH2O on June 26th from noon to 2 p.m. to hang out with Captain and the Six Shooters.  We’ll also have a special guest at noon who’s coming to NRH2O to meet you and sign autographs!  Don't forget to wear your Rangers t-shirts and use #nrh2oRangers for your pictures!
Six Shooters: 12-2 p.m.
Special Guest (to be announced): 12-1 p.m.
Captain: 1-2 p.m.

Dallas Zoo Visit - July 8 - 1:30 - On July 8th the Dallas Zoo will bring animal adventures to the waterpark!  Join us for this interactive program featuring animals from around the world!

Texas Rangers Day - July 22 - 6:00-8:00 - Visit NRH2O on July 22nd from 6 to 8 p.m. to hang out with Captain and the Six Shooters.  Don't forget to wear your Rangers t-shirts and use #nrh2oRangers for your pictures!

Grandparents Day - September 7 - Celebrate Grandmas and Grandpas at NRH2O!  All grandparents get in free on Grandparents' Day when accompanied by a grandchild.  Stop by the Ticket Booth to pick up your ticket on September 7th.

Fireworks - Saturday Nights: June 21, July 19, August 16, at dusk
Fireworks are NRH2O's brightest attraction!  Float with friends and family and watch fireworks light up the sky!  Fireworks will be displayed at dusk on the following Saturdays: June 21, July 19, and August 16.  *Fireworks will not be displayed on July 4th.

They also have Dive-In Movies every Friday starting June 20 where they show a family-friendly movie on a movie screen suspended over the wave pool.  How awesome is that?!

And on certain dates, they offer Season Pass Holder exclusives where pass holders can get the water park all to themselves for a couple of hours.  You can check out their website for more details. 

Check out my calendar for all the things going on at NRH20.

See y'all in the wave pool!!
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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