Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Places To Go - Check Out The Calendar

I've spent quite a bit of time updating the calendar up there in the tabs.  Fort Worth has tons and tons of stuff going on this spring/summer, and a lot of the activities are FREE.  Can't beat that! 

Most, if not all, of the events listed on my calendar have links taking you directly to that event's website.  So don't forget to click on the actual event if you want more information about it.

There's a bunch of stuff going on in Sundance Square - free yoga, free boot camps, free movies, free jazz music, even a free Etsty Fair that I'm ecstatic about. 

Coming up, we've got Prairie Fest, Mayfest, Main Street Arts Festival, Friday on the Green, Fort Worth Music Fest, NRH20's opening...the list goes on and on.  Check out our calendar now and make some plans.
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