Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rainbow Birthday Party

My girls' birthdays are exactly 3 years and 361 days apart.  That means that we throw them a joint birthday party every year - or I will do that as long as I can get away with it!  This year the theme was rainbow - rainbows, rainbows everywhere.

My sweets
I made both girls' tutus.  Maddie didn't want the curly tutu, so that saved me a lot of cursing because I normally curse when I sew (a wonderful trait that I picked up from my mother.)  Isn't this curly tutu cute?

I wish I had a better picture of it.  I got the idea from this picture on Pinterest.  I'd been oohing and ahing over the picture on Pinterest for a while and I found this forum that kind of helped me figure out how to go about sewing it.  The tulle will naturally curl when you sew the ribbon on the bottom of it.  It turned out really cute.

We made this pretty balloon arch:

The two people in this picture were responsible for blowing up the balloons - one of them with an air compressor and the other with pure lung power.  I pretty much followed the instructions I found here but instead of using waxed twine, I used yarn because that was what I had.

We had a rainbow candy bar.  I used mason jars and filled them with rainbow-colored candies.  I left the candy in their wrappers and then filled the jars up, so red was Kit-Kats and purple was grape Nerds - you catch my drift.

We also used our dot markers and made rainbows on the party favor bags.  Got that idea here.  I also made rainbow hair bows and clipped them on each bag for the girls to take home.

I almost left that horrible picture out, but I was so dang proud of my paper flowers I had to include it.  I have, like, an infatuation with tissue paper flowers.  I just think they're so pretty!

Everybody at the party got a chance to guess how many Sprees were in the jar, and whoever got closest without going over won the jar and the candy.  Well, our niece won but she didn't get to take it home because my youngest dropped it and glass shattered and Sprees went everywhere - awww, the joys of having a 4-year-old.

I made rainbow cupcakes.  Got that idea from this pin on Pinterest.

And we had a photo booth.

Yes, I used the falling-apart trampoline as the backdrop.  We taped plastic tablecloths over one side of the trampoline, grabbed a bunch of hats, wigs, sunglasses, different things from the girls' dress-up box and stuck them in a bucket.  We also cut mustaches and beards and lips out of foam and hot-glued them on wooden skewers.  The girls all had a fun time with this.

 Thank you, Pinterest, for making me pretend I'm creative!

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