Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Recipe To Try - Chicken Dressing

This recipe comes from The Simple Life of WD-40.  This man knows how to cook now, y'all.  He's got some good ol' country, down-home recipes.  He doesn't have a web page or a blog.  All he has is the Facebook page.  I don't know about y'all, but I keep track of recipes I find by pinning them on Pinterest.  Since WD is only on Facebook, you can't pin any of his pictures.  So pin this and here's his recipe word for word:

WD-40 Chicken Dressing

1 (10 oz. ) can Chicken Breast
1 box Chicken Broth + 2 c.
6 c. blended cornbread crumbs

1 ½ c. blended biscuit crumbs
1 lg. onion diced
3 lg. stalks celery diced
1 ½ Tb. Spoons rubbed sage or 2 tbs.
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp black pepper
1 reg. cans of cream of chicken soup
4 lg. eggs
½ c. butter or margarine
3 tsp. butter

Cook biscuits and cornbread let cool and grind up in blender and measure out amounts for recipe into a large mixing bowl mixed with sage and set aside. Using a med sauce pan add onions and celery 1 ¾ c. water and 3 tsp. butter boil for 10 min. Remove let cool. Add celery mix to bread crumbs, chicken soup, salt, pepper eggs, ½ c. butter, chicken broth and canned chicken. Mix up batter should be soupy if not add 1 c. water. Remove 1 c. or uncooked dressing set aside. Using 2 (9x13) buttered dishes pour in batter. Place into a 500 degree oven bake until brown on top 45 to 6o min.

2 c. chicken broth
1 c. raw chicken dressing
½ c. water
1 boiled egg chopped optional
1/8 tsp black pepper
3 Tb. Spoon corn starch or plain flour mixed with ¼ c. cold water.
Using a sauce pan on med heat add chicken broth, raw chicken dressing, and water and pepper. When hot mix corn starch and cold water in a ½ pint jar and shake until no lumps. Now pour this into gravy mix stirring until thickens to your likeness. Remember gravy will thicken more as it cools. Enjoy The Simple Life wd40 - Watson Ashe

Note: For moist dressing make your chicken dressing mix soupy.


I halved this recipe.  It was so good, I ate a bowl of it for breakfast.  Chicken Dressing...the breakfast of champions.

For the biscuit part of this recipe, I made these this weekend:

Nailed It
These are 7-Up Biscuits and they are ugly but, Man, they tasted scrumptious.  

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Texas Music Around Fort Worth Weekend of October 4, 2013


Friday, October 4, 2013

3 Fools on 3 Stools @ Shady Oak Barbecue & Grill - 7:00 

Moonlight Social @ The Woodshed Smokehouse - 6:00

Doug Moreland @ White Elephant Saloon - 9:00 - $8

Pat Waters @ Longhorn Saloon - 9:15 - $5 

Cody Robbins Band @ Railhead in Willow Park - 7:30  

Joe King & Diamond JK Band @ Stagecoach Ballroom - $7

Restless Heart @ Billy Bob's Texas - Start @ $12 - 10:30

Greg Gibbs Band @ Pearl's Dancehall & Saloon - $5 

Mike Calaway Band @ Fred's Texas Cafe - 8:00

Crooks @ Magnolia Motor Lounge - 10:00

Saturday, October 5, 2013   

Mike Stanley Band @ Cutting Horse Bar & Grill in Weatherford

Aaron Sandoval @ Shady Oak Barbecue & Grill - 7:00 

Jamie Richards @ White Elephant Saloon - 9:00 - $5

Miss Leslie & Her Juke Jointers @ Longhorn Saloon - 9:15 - $10

Shane Mallory @ Railhead in Willow Park - 7:30 

Randy Tatarevich & The 92nd Roadhouse Band @ Stagecoach Ballroom - $8


The Hill City BandPearl's Dancehall & Saloon - $10

Ted Roddy w/ James Hinkle @ Fred's Texas Cafe - 8:00 

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Recipe To Try - French Fries

If you like your french fries or fried potatoes crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, then this recipe is for you.  It's so simple, yet so tasty.  Here's what you need:

Russet Potatoes
Corn Starch
Oil for frying
Couple of cup towels


I used my fancy french fry cutter dealymabob.  After cutting, put the fries in a bowl of water and rinse and drain and rinse and drain a couple of times.  Lay fries out on cup towel (dish towel) and cover with other towel and pat dry.  Sprinkle fries with corn starch just enough to coat them a bit - doesn't have to be perfect - some fries will have more cornstarch than others - no biggie.  Place in hot oil and fry till pretty golden color.  I seasoned my fries while they were cooking and after they were done. 

WARNING:  These are addicting!!
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