Thursday, April 11, 2013

Have Y'all Ever Tried This?

My mother-in-law brought us this a few weeks ago.  These things are absolutely delicious.  So delicious, in fact, that I could eat, like, the whole dang package all by myself.  My MIL bought these at Sam's.

I thought I had mastered the whole Red Lobster biscuit thing when I made Paula Deen's Garlic Cheese Biscuit recipe, but I was sadly mistaken, y'all.  I mean the ones I made using Paula's recipe were good, but they weren't as good as the Red Lobster biscuit mix ones. 

The biscuits from the box mix are crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle and just to die for.  Y'all go buy a box if you get a chance.  Try them out and let me know what you think.  Hope you like them as much as we do. 

(The box mix doesn't come with cheese or butter, so don't forget to pick some of that up too if you plan on making these.)

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