Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stuff We Find In Our Yard

So this morning I'm sitting here at the computer looking through pictures trying to figure out which one to post for Stuff We Find In Our Yard, when all the sudden this bobcat strolls across our driveway.  I jump up, grab the fancy camera my sister gave me, take the lens cap off and start snapping pictures through the window.  These pictures were going to be awesome.  The bobcat was sitting so still and he was looking right in my direction.  I was able to snap six pictures of him before he decided to head down into the creek.  This is one of my amazing pictures from my photo session this morning:

I just about cried when I uploaded the pictures. 

But, the bobcat came back and I was able to trot outside and snap a few pics of him sitting next door in my neighbor's yard. (Have you ever trotted before?  It's sorta fun.)

Not the greatest picture ever, but it'll do.

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