Thursday, November 15, 2012

Recipes To Try - Daddy's Biscuits & Milk Gravy

This past weekend I ventured into an area I had never ventured before... I made biscuits without using Bisquick and without opening a can.  Holy cow!  Miracles never cease.  I was watching Trisha Yearwood's Southern Kitchen on the Food Network the other day and I saw her making her Daddy's Biscuits.  I noticed she wasn't rolling out any dough.  I thought "I could do that" and so I did.  And they turned out.  The only thing I did wrong was flatten them out too thin.  Instead of the recipe making 12 biscuits, I made them so flat I had around 20 biscuits.  They still tasted good.  Next time I won't flatten them out so much.

And to go along with those biscuits, you've gotta, gotta, gotta have some gravy.  I've always been able to make gravy - my grandpa taught me how.  Do you see my chest sticking out with pride?  I look like a peacock I'm so proud of myself.  My name is Shelley, and yes, I can make gravy.  The only problem with my gravy was sometimes it would turn out thin and sometimes it would turn out thick - no two gravies ever turned out the same.  (Walks away with tail between her legs.)

Enter Trisha Yearwood's Milk Gravy.  I make my gravy using this recipe every single time now and every single time it turns out great.  I do, however, cut down on the amount of grease and flour.  I only use two tablespoons of grease and two tablespoons of flour.  I still use the two cups of milk though.  I also fry some sausage before making the gravy.  I chop up about five or six pieces of cooked sausage and toss it in the gravy while it's cooking.  You can leave that part out if you want to.  I won't tell anybody. 

You might want to think about wearing your comfy sweats for the rest of the day.  Your belly's gonna need some growing room!
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