Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Tomato Fresh Salsa

We've discovered something delicious, something fresh, something made with organic tomatoes, something locally made.  It's called Happy Tomato Fresh Salsa.!  It is the best salsa I have ever eaten.  It is fresh and yummy and just WOW!  

You really have to try some for yourself.  You can purchase this fantastic salsa at Roy Pope Grocery in Fort Worth, Central Market in Southlake and Fort Worth, The Sunflower Shoppe in Fort Worth, and Green's Produce in Arlington.  You can also catch them at the Southside Urban Market

They offer original, medium and diablo.  For the holiday season, they've concocted a cranberry / lime flavor that is scrumptious.  All the flavors are delicious (I'm taking my husband's word on the diablo cuz I was a little chicken, chicken, bock, bock, bock to try that one).  I think the medium has just the right amount of kick.

Give Happy Tomato Fresh Foods a like on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.  The owners are super nice and were really informative, plus they're right here in good ol' Fort Worth.  Let's help them grow their business.  Go out and buy some Happy Tomato Fresh Salsa today.
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  1. You can also get this yummy salsa through Funky Farmz co-op!!! I get three jars every other week :)

  2. That's great, Crystal. Thanks for letting us know! Funky Farmz sounds awesome!


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