Monday, November 12, 2012

Fort Worth Food Park

Friday night, my husband I made a trip down to the Fort Worth Food Park - you know, one of the places in Fort Worth where all the food trucks park.  We had never been before and we were really excited to go.

We started off by getting a couple of beers from the Cantina there.  We walked around and scoped out all the trucks' menus.  Lots to choose from.  That night these trucks were there:

Lee's Grilled Cheese
Red Jett Sweets
Salsa Limon
The Butcher's Son
The Spanish Lunchbox
Mediterranean Chunky Monkey

Since there was so much to choose from and since we'd never been before, we decided to eat a little something from all the trucks.

We started off at Mediterranean Chunky Monkey.  We ordered the Pitadilla (this dummy forgot to take a picture of it before we inhaled it).  It had feta cheese, and I think Monterrey Jack cheese, and garlic sauce smooshed between two pitas.  YUM!!  The Pitadilla was one of our favorites of the night.  Really good.

The Spanish Lunchbox - Tortilla
Next we moved on to The Spanish Lunchbox.  We ordered the Tortilla.  The tortilla was more like a potato cake made out of potatoes and eggs.  This was yummy as well.  The tortilla was one of my husband's favorites of the night.

Salsa Limon - Steak Taco

Salsa Limon - El Capitan
We made our way over to Salsa Limon where my husband ordered a steak taco, minus the pickled cabbage.  I ordered the El Capitan.  My husband thought the steak taco was good.  I thought the El Capitan was the bomb.  The tortilla was perhaps the best tortilla I've ever put in my mouth.  I fell in love with El Capitan.  The only thing I wished was El Capitan was mucho grande'er.

The Butcher's Son - Voodoo Tots
Next we ordered Voodoo Tots from The Butcher's Son.  These were tater tots with braised beef and grilled onions with some kind of sauce and curry powder on top.  They smelled like Worcestershire sauce.  (My husband went to the bathroom after he brought these to the table and I sat there the whole time not eating these but just smelling them.  All I kept thinking about was my noseholes were filled with the smell of Worcestershire sauce - I was sort of offended by that smell - I'm weird - I'm okay with that.)  The braised beef on these tots was really good.  The curry powder was a little strong. 

By the time we'd eaten everything and drank a couple of beers a piece, we were full.  We didn't make it to Lee's Grilled Cheese.  But we'll be back, Lee's Grilled Cheese, and we'll be paying you a visit, my friend.

Red Jett Sweets - Vanilla Echo & Nuts For Kentucky

On the way out, we stopped by Red Jett Sweets.  Since my husband isn't a big fan of sweets (what a weirdo) I ordered myself a cupcake and we also got a cupcake to take home to our girls.  I ordered our girls the Vanilla Echo.  I ordered myself the Nuts For Kentucky which is bourbon cake, caramel buttercream rolled in candied pecans.  I took a bite of the Nuts For Kentucky - my eyes rolled back in my head and trumpets played and angels sang - I did a few cartwheels and did a little cheer for Kentucky.  Oh my, the icing was knock-your-socks-off good.  I could eat a wheelbarrow full of that stuff.

If you get a chance, stop by the Fort Worth Food Park at 2509 Weisenberger Street which is over off West 7th.  They're open Thursday through Sunday.  Different food trucks are there on different days so be sure and check their calendar.

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