Monday, October 1, 2012

Cute Halloween Kid Books

We've been checking out Halloween books at the library and we've found a couple of really cute ones. 

The first one is Hoodwinked written by Arthur Howard:

The recommended reading age is 4 and up.

Here's a review from Amazon:  "Despite the theme of witches and creepy critters, this is a very uncreepy, sweet, and unthreatening picture book suitable for children just getting into things spooky. Mitzi is a right little witch. She lives in a sort of permanent Halloween, surrounded by cobwebs and dubious-looking aunts in pointy hats. She wants a pet--a really, really creepy pet, please--but, despite repeated broomstick-flights to Cackle & Co. pet store, she just can't get one that satisfies. Finally a kitten named Hoodwink shows up at the door, is almost turned away on account of being horribly cuddly and nice... and turns out to be just perfect."

Another Halloween-themed book we liked is A Very Hairy Scary Story written by Rick Walton and David Clark.

I'd say recommended reading age is 4 and up.

Here's the description from Amazon:  "Sarah's walk home is perfectly safe, but you know how creepy things can look when it's getting dark. Shadows take on lives of their own, any noise can make you jump, and a perfectly normal yard can seem pretty scary indeed. Witty verse propels Sarah from fright to fright while with each page turn, kids can see the harmless everyday objects that inspire her fear. Kids won't ever look at grills or skateboards the same way again!"

Check these and other great books out at your local library.
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