Monday, September 10, 2012

Fort Worth Water Gardens

My youngest daughter and I took a trip to the Fort Worth Water Gardens the other day.  Do you know when the last time I went there was?  Me's been that long.

I had a little trouble finding somewhere to park.  I finally found a spot in front of the Texas Wesleyan School of Law there on Commerce Street.  I got out and fed the meter.  That meter has gone up since the last time I remember feeding one.  Be sure and remember to bring plenty of change.

The Water Gardens are really beautiful.

It kind of takes your breath away, really.

It especially took my breath away after I climbed this:

Not only because the view was breathtaking:

But also because it wore me out carrying the little one up the big steps.  My legs felt like jelly for a couple of days.

Can you see the roots coming up around the side of that pool?  Those roots are from these beautiful trees:

What a nice place to visit.

Lots of places to twirl and dance.

And chase your mama with a stick.

The Fort Worth Water Gardens really is a site to see.  What an awesome place to visit right in the middle of downtown Fort Worth.

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