Thursday, August 23, 2012

Recipes To Try

Since my oldest daughter had her tonsils out last Thursday, my mind is kind of numb.  I've gotten up every four hours to give her pain medicine for the past six nights.  During the day, I had her set up in our bedroom with everything she needed including a bell to ring whenever she needed something.

Do you have any idea how many times I've heard that bell?  I've heard that bell ring approximately 98,764 times.  Between Maddie ringing the bell and the little one yelling Mama, mama and then handing me her sopping wet diaper and the dog barking at me to go outside, I'm a little worn out.  Mama, mama, tonsillectomy-drama.

So instead of using my brain and trying to come up with a recipe, I've cooked a couple of other amazing recipes that two other great cooks came up with.

They are South Your Mouth's Swedish Meatballs:

One word...amazeballs.

And I also cooked The Country Cook's Pizza Pasta Bake:


I must go now.  I think I hear the jing, jing, jingling of a **#&^@% bell! 

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