Friday, August 31, 2012

Pinterest Palooza - Beachy Waves For Your Hair

Pinterest Palooza - Beachy Waves For Your Hair

How many times have we seen things on Pinterest and been so excited to try it only to have it fail miserably?  Too many times than I can count for me.  There's even a blog about it called Pinstrosity and there's some hilarious posts over there.

Since I love Pinterest and since I love trying to make things and do things that are on Pinterest, I thought I'd share my experiences with y'all - good or bad.

So here's my first post in a series I'll call Pinterest Palooza, where I find things that interest me on Pinterest and then I'll document my experience in trying to recreate the pin.

Episode 1
My hair is always giving me problems.  It's sort of long and it's sort of irritating.  If I didn't think it would cause my husband to divorce me, I'd probably have chopped it off a long time ago.  What's the deal with men liking long hair anyway?  How cavemanish!

When I let my hair dry naturally, it sort of has a wave to it - but not a pretty, beachy wave like you see all the faw-bu-lous people have.  It's sort of like a you've-got-some-serious-bedhead-girl kind of wave.

I've been on a never-ending hunt for big, glorious curls achieved by something other than a round brush for longer than I can remember.  I am not coordinated enough to dry my hair and use a dang round brush at the same time.

So when I saw this pin about beachy waves for your hair by braiding it and using a flatiron, I was all over it.

(Y'all don't laugh at my pictures now.  I'll have to hurt you if you do.)

Here's my before picture:

That's what my hair looks like after I let it dry naturally.

So the pin says you split your hair in two sections and then braid those two sections and tie them off with rubber bands.  Twist the braids away from your face and then take the flatiron and twist the flat iron over the twisted braids in the same direction as you twisted it.  (Could I possibly use the word twist any more?)  I was a little confused about the twisting of the flatiron part, but I think I figured it out after a few near-miss burns on my ears.

So after two or three passes with the flatiron on both braids, I took the rubber bands out and this is what I got:

Not really the beachy-wave look I was hoping for.  See where those two arrows are pointing?  Those are big dents in my hair.  I'm not a fan of dents in anything, really, but especially not in my hair. 

But since I didn't feel like doing my hair again, I tried to make it work:

It kind of looks like a bad perm, doesn't it?  Kind of reminds me of an 80's rocker dude.  Oh, well, at least it's a change from the pony tail I wear 364.6 days of the year.  Rock on.
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