Monday, August 6, 2012

NRH2O - Oh, So Fun

A couple of Fridays ago, my family and I had the pleasure of going to NRH2O.  NRH20 is a short trip up Boulevard 26 in North Richland Hills.  We had such a blast.  There's so many things to do there and for kids of all different ages.  It truly is a family water park.

I think we went on the most crowded day, like, ever, but there were still spots available to sit in the shade.  The first area we went to was Frogstein's Splashatory.  Check this out:

The Splashatory is a five-level interactive water playground that the whole family can enjoy.  It has eight slides, interactive water activities, and a giant 317-gallon tipping beaker that will dump water on you every few minutes.  Since we had our 2 1/2 year-old daughter with us, this is where we spent most of our time.

The Tadpole Swimming Hole, pictured in most of the pictures above, is a spot for kids under 48" tall. There's various slides and also a place where kids can try and cross the water using a rope net and balancing on lily pads.  There's also a little area where kids, big and small, can play in the sand right outside the Tadpole Swimming Hole area.

We spent some time in the NRH2Ocean.

That's when I realized that I better get a life jacket for my little one.  Luckily, NRH2O offers life jackets free of charge at different locations throughout the park.

We all took a trip on the Endless River. 

After eating lunch from Sharky's Smokehouse & Grill, one of the food outlets available at NRH2O, some of us braver kids ventured over to where some of the bigger slides are.  And that's where we rode the Great White.  Boy, did that bring back memories of the water slides that used to be around Fort Worth.  Do y'all remember those?  Where you picked up a mat and you walked all the way to the top and slid down?  And you did that over and over and over again all day long?  Man, that was fun!  Even though the Great White doesn't require the use of a mat, it still reminded me of the good old days.

My oldest daughter and I decided to ride Purplepalooza.  It's a totally enclosed, double-rider, inner tube slide.  You travel 365 feet in total darkness...pitch black except for a few cracks of light every now and then..totally fun!

There's tons of different rides for kids over 48" tall.  Rides like the world's first Viper,  Green Extreme, The Accelerator, Double Dipper, Blue Twister, and Black Falls.  There's also an area called Beachside Bay.  You can play beach volleyball here, swim in a 5300-square foot pool, or just play in the sand.  You'll also find the Tech Deck here - an area where you can charge your connected devices such as cell phones, laptops or iPads.

While we were waiting in line for Purplepalooza, apparently somebody sent a tube down the slide and the tube got stuck or something.  I'm not quite sure what happened but we got to witness the lifeguards in action.  All of the lifeguards I saw were young adults, and I couldn't have been more impressed with how they handled this situation.  They were not lackadaisical at all.  They were both speedy and professional  at the same time.  I felt comfortable knowing these great lifeguards were watching over me and my kids and everybody else at the park.

We had a blast at NRH2O.  We will most definitely be going again.  I see season passes in our future for next year.

Y'all go check it out while you still can.  NRH2O's last day to be open is September 3, and they won't open again until May of 2013.

Here's a few bits of advice for you, take it or leave it, if you plan on taking a trip to NRH20:

Bring a blanket or something large enough to spread out on the ground so you can sit just in case there's no chairs available.

Bring a cooler with lots of cold water and snacks like cold fruit and yogurt.  (The water park doesn't allow glass containers, sharp knives, alcohol, restaurant- and store-prepared and packaged food and beverages, such as boxes of pizza, fast food, and drinks from restaurants or gas stations.)

Check out the park rules before you leave the house just to make sure you're not breaking any rules.

Buy a burger from Sharky's Smokehouse & Grill - DELICIOUS!!

Don't forget your sunscreen.  Also, it's best to apply sunscreen to the youngins before you leave the house.  They'll be chompin' at the bit to get in that water once you get to the park, so be prepared.

Before you go, be sure and check this page to see all the different discounts NRH2O offers.

Wear water shoes or flip-flops or even socks - anything to protect your feet from the hot, hot concrete.  If you wear flip-flops, just slip them off at the entrance to whatever ride you're going on and slip them back on after you're done with the ride.  Nobody messed with our shoes while we were on the rides.  I saw a few people with socks on - I'm not sure how well that protects your feet from the heat of the concrete, but it might work.

And most importantly, don't worry about what you look like in a bathing suit because there will probably be somebody there who looks worse than you!!  

Y'all have fun!!

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