Monday, August 20, 2012

Good Stuff In Fort Worth - Rita's Ice

Good Stuff In Fort Worth - Rita's Ice

I took my oldest daughter to the Mayor's Summer Reading Challenge Grand Celebration at the downtown library last Sunday.  They had so many different things there to entertain the kids.

Things like face painting:

Making art out of recycled things:

 Live entertainment:

Mayor Price and Deborah Ferguson were there as well:

Funny story.  I pointed to Deborah Ferguson and whispered to my daughter Maddie, That lady in the orange is on the news.  Maddie says, For doing something bad?  It took me a while to quit laughing, but I finally managed to explain to her what I meant.

One of the best discoveries I made at this celebration was this:

While at the Grand Celebration we were offered something cold to try, something cold and delicious.  It was from Rita's Ice.  We could select either lemon ice or watermelon ice and we took the watermelon ice.  This stuff was knock-your-socks off good.  It's made with real fruit.  It was so refreshing.

If you get a chance, stop by Rita's Ice over off Clifford & I-820W in west Fort Worth and try some for yourself.

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