Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Story Time at Fort Worth Libraries

My, my, my how story time has changed at my local library.  Just a few years ago, I took my oldest child to story time at the East Regional Library where the librarian read a book and then the kids got to color a picture.  I wasn't too impressed, so I never went back...until today.  I'm so glad we went back.

Paper Lanterns
Today my children, along with about 20 more kids, got to sing songs, dance, go on a "bear hunt".  The librarian read three stories to them.  Then the kids got to color, make a firework necklace and make a paper lantern.

Firework Necklace

Firework Necklace

Go here to see what time your local library offers story time and then go check it out.  I think you'll be glad you did.   

And if you want to make the paper lanterns, go here and check out this tutorial.  If you want to make the firework necklace, this post will give you an idea on how to make those.
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