Thursday, May 10, 2012

You Want How Much For That Mother's Day Card?

I was grocery shopping yesterday and I decided to look at Mother's Day cards.  I needed to buy one for my mom and my mother-in-law.  After searching what seemed like a hundred years, I finally found the perfect one for my mother.  It was just a plain 'ol Hallmark card.  It didn't have any 3d special effects - it didn't sing at you when you opened it - it didn't have anything attached to it.  It was just a plain, old card.

I put it in my buggy and decided I better flip it over to see how much it was.  When I saw the price I almost fell the heck out right there on the floor.  I said, I'm coming, Lizabeth.  Lawd, help me.  Does Hallmark think I'm some kind of fish-eyed fool?  Do you know how much that dang card cost????  $5.59!!!! 

So, Mom and MIL, y'all are getting some homemade cards from us this year.  I think those are more meaningful.  They are to me!

So save some money and make your own cards.  And if you really want to make your mamas happy, you can buy them some of this instead - it's delish!! 

Wimberley Valley Sweet Red - Good 'ol Texas Wine

You can all gather round with a glass of this sweet Texas wine and propose a toast to Hallmark this Mother's Day.  What you propose is up to you. 

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