Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Recipe to Try - Poblanadas - (and how to roast a pepper the redneck way)


I found this recipe on the Just a Pinch website.  I love that website because you can search for recipes that have received a blue ribbon and also filter the results putting the highest-rated ones first.  I think every single recipe I've found on Just A Pinch has turned out really good and this recipe was no exception.

This recipe is called Poblanadas because it's enchiladas with a poblano pepper in it.  You have to roast the pepper, which I had never done before.  I don't have a newfangled gas oven, y'all!  I have an electric Corning oven that literally is older than I am (I will be 40 this year - shhh, don't tell anyone).  So I couldn't just turn the burner on and char the pepper because my stovetop is glass, and I'm pretty sure there's like 40 years' worth of dried chemicals and stuff on the glasstop that I don't want to be putting in my belly.

Anyway, I rubbed some olive oil on the poblano pepper, after I washed it of course.  I slapped that sucker on a little pan and stuck it in my toaster oven!  Oh, lordy - I feel like that housewife of New York that has the toaster oven cookbook!  I set the toaster oven to 400 degrees and let it cook in there until it started bubbling up.  I then placed it in a glass bowl and covered it with foil.  It said to use plastic wrap, but I didn't want to pass out from fumes.  And that's how I roasted the pepper.   

Follow this link for the complete yummy recipe.
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