Wednesday, May 23, 2012

End Of School Year Party Treats On A Budget

End of School Year Party Treat

I'm no Martha Stewart, y'all, so please bear with me.  I needed to come up with an end-of-school-year treat for my kindergartener's classmates.  We're on a tight, tight budget because my husband (who is the sole breadwinner in this family) is on strike for the 5th week.  Anyway, who doesn't like homemade cookies?  You must be crazy if you don't.

I found this printable at this cute website.  I printed out two pages of those and cut all the circles out with a pair of scissors because this homegirl does not own a circle cutter!  I bought cute treat bags from Walmart.  I wish now that I had bought just clear treat bags because the pretty cookies would have been decoration enough.  But anywho, I bought the decorated bags and the kiddies will just have to deal with it!

I cut out some paper the same width as the treat bag, glued the circle I'd cut out earlier on it and stuck a cookie in the bag and folded the piece of paper over the treat bag and stapled it.  I had my daughter write her name on each one so her classmates' mamas would know what an awesome cook and supermom I was her classmates would know who they were from.

I thought they turned out pretty dang cute and the cookies are delicious.  I'll bring you the recipe for the cookies tomorrow.

End of School Year Party Treats
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