Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Make A Turkey With Your Turkeys

I've done this craft every year since my oldest was 3, so that's a whole three whopping years! First you pick out fall colors out of your construction paper - like reds, yellows, oranges, greens, browns - whatever you want. Or you could be really creative and pick pinks or purples or whatever the heck you want - after all, it is your turkey!

Get your little munchkin to stand on a piece of construction paper with their feet spread apart and using a pencil outline their little feet.

Next, cut out what you traced and then glue the two pieces together. This will make the turkey's body.

Next trace your kid's hands on the rest of the construction paper. I do a set of hands per color.

Cut them out. Or if you're really smart, get your child to cut them out, that way their hands cramp, not yours. I'm only joking! My oldest daughter wanted to cut hers out, promise.

Next glue the hands onto the back of the turkey. These will be the turkey's feathers.

Cut out a little orange triangle for the nose and a red piece for the little goobly gobbler (that's the technical term for the flappy skin on the turkey's neck) and then cut out two orange pieces for their feet and then glue those on - draw on some eyes and you've got a handmade turkey made by your very own turkeys.

Be sure to write on the back what year your child make the turkey. I pull out the turkeys from years past just to marvel at how much my children have grown. It's amazing.

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