Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween Wreath

All credit is due to Sassy Sanctuary and to Pinterest, which I have a small obsession with!! What did I ever do with my time before Pinterest??

What you'll need:
Wire wreath form
2 Yards of fabric in 4 different styles - so 1/2 yard a piece
Wooden letters that spell out BOO or EEK or SPOOKY or whatever you want
Paint to paint the letters
Ribbon to hang the wreath from

First you need four different styles of material - or you can do five or six - whatever you want. Cut them into about 1 inch strips about 6 inches long. Cutting the material is not the fun part if you're antiquated like me and don't own a rotary cutter. I now have rotary cutter on my "things I would like to buy when I have the money" list.

Those pictures up there are in no particular order - I was just trying to show what all you needed. The 5-year-old in that last picture up there is helpful too. She painted the letters for me and did a lot of the tying!

Take your pieces of material and begin tying them around the wire wreath and double knot them so they don't fall off some day. I started with the middle ring and worked my way out. This is what we came up with:

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Pretty dang cute, huh? I love you Pinterest!!

(For better pictures and clearer instructions, head over to Sassy Sanctuary.)
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