Thursday, August 4, 2011

25% off $40 @ Carter's

Normally you get 20% off $40 @ Carter's which is a good deal, so this is a great deal! Just "like" Carter's on Facebook click on the album entitled "coupons" then click the 25% off $40 and print it out and take it to your local Carter's (sometimes the cashiers just want the little code that's on the side of the bar code - but to be safe, you probably ought to print out this coupon). The coupon expires next Wednesday, August 10, 2011.

While you're at Carter's, sign up to receive their emails. They send you quite a few emails but they usually have a coupon in them. Whenever I go shop there, I always try to buy things that my kids need and get the total up to over $40 just so I can use the coupon - that may sound weird, but I usually always score what winds up being a free onesie or something like that. And if you have a little one, you know you can never have too many onesies!
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